Midwest and Illinois Publications

The following publications are specific to the Midwest and Illinois.

Two Decades of Household Income Trends in Chicago Community Areas -- September 2016

How are Chicago community areas trending economically?

Data Needs of Chicago-Area Arts Organizations -- October 2014

This report describes needs for data among arts organizations and the priorities that funders have for arts-related data.

Growing the Heartland: How Immigrants Offset Population Decline and an Aging Workforce in Midwest Metropolitan Areas -- June 2014

Immigration offsets and counteracts trends in aging and population decline in metro areas across the Midwest... For the Chicago Council on Global Affairs.

Illinois’ Undocumented Immigrant Population: A Summary of Recent Research by Rob Paral and Associates - February 2014

The Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights prepared this report using data generated by Rob Paral and Associates.

Assessing the Impact of the Immigrant Family Resource Program -- 2012

This report assesses aspects of the scope and impact of the Illinois Immigrant Family Resource Program (IFRP), which provides interpretation, information and assistance to immigrants about public benefits programs for which they may be eligible.

On-line maps of the program impact are here.

What Does the 2010 Census Tell Us About Metropolitan Chicago May 2011

This report for the Chicago Community Trust looks at the trends of the 2010 Census in the Metropolitan Chicago Area. This report also looked at how population shifts might affect political redistricting in the state of Illinois.

Estimates of Chicago Population Change Based on the 2000 Census and The American Community Survey Nov 2010

Anxious to know how the 2010 census would redefine Chicago, we created this sneek peek using American Community Survey data from the 2005-2009 period.

Legal Aid in Cook County: A Report on Basic Trends in Need, Service and Funding Nov 2010

This is a report produced for the Chicago Bar Foundation regarding the status of the pro bono and legal aid system in Cook County.  The report also states current demand for services, how services are being provided and where funding comes from for this work.

Illinois Human Services Commission: First Report Jun 2010

Rob Paral was a member of the Project Team for this report, which analyzed human service data from 600 state programs.

Population change in state legislative districts as of 2006 - 2009

----->Our early efforts at Google mapping for Senate and House are here.

Key, Social, Economic and Health Trends in Western Cook and Eastern DuPage Counties - 2009

This report focuses on the various demographic changes occurring in the service area of the Community Memorial Foundation.

Evaluating the Effectiveness of Services to Self‐Represented Litigants: a Report to the Illinois Equal Justice Foundation - September 2009

Evaluates the efficiency of computerized and in-person assistance to pro se defendants

Immigrant Adult Learners in Illinois

Prepared for the Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights, this report details the need for English language and adult basic education among immigrants in Illinois.

Population Trends of Asians, Latinos and Immigrants in Illinois

Described population shifts in Illinois Congressional Districts, metro areas and counties.

Mexican Immigration in the Midwest: Meanings and Implications

This report, the first of its kind, describes major demographic and
socioeconomic features of Mexican immigration across the eightstate
Midwest region. It uses both recent data and other statistics that
delineate historic transformations to the regional economy over 100
years. The report reveals a wide range of information on Midwestern
Mexican immigrants that has never been published before.

Uninsured Older Adults, Age 50-64, in Illinois State Legislative Districts - December 2008

Often, older adults especially if they are low income have very
limited access to public or private health insurance. To raise awareness of this vulnerable, uninsured population in Illinois, Health & Disability Advocates (HDA) and Rob Paral and Associates have developed estimates of uninsured older adults in Illinois by state legislative districts.

Uninsured Persons in Illinois State Legislative Districts -June 2007

These are estimates of persons without health insurance within each state legislative district in Illinois. Prepared for Health and Disability Advocates, United Power, and the Heartland Alliance.

Uninsured and Employed Persons in Illinois State Legislative Districts - June 2007

This report finds that a majority of uninsured persons in Illinois are working.

Uninsured Women in Illinois - May 2007

This is a profile of uninsured women in Illinois prepared with Health and Disability Advocates for the Chicago Foundation for Women.

Illinois Data on Immigrant Population in Counties, Places, and Metro Areas From the American Community Survey 2006

The compilation of this report was made possible with support from The Illinois Department of Human Services, Refugee and Immigrant Citizenship Initiative.

Economic Contributions of Illinois Immigrants - November 2006

The native labor force in Illinois is actually shrinking in size, and native workers are rapidly aging. The Illinois labor market, meanwhile, is shifting into extremes of high- and low-skill positions. Immigrants are offsetting the shrinkage and aging of the Illinois workforce, even as they have skills that match the changing labor needs of the state.

Marching Toward the American Dream: Illinois Immigrant Citizens Settle in Chicago Suburbs - 2006

A fundamental demographic transformation is occurring in Illinois. Between 2000 and 2005, the Illinois immigrant population grew by 177,000 people, a number greater than the population of Aurora, Illinois's second largest city.

Legal Needs Study of Low-Income Illinois Families - 2005

Conducted by the Lawyers Trust Fund of Illinois. Rob Paral provided research and analysis services.

Immigrant Legal Needs - Fall 2004

Immigrants are a disproportionate share of the low-income population needing legal assistance, yet they have limited access to the already-small system of subsidized legal aid in Illinois. This study was commissioned by the Legal Needs Survey of the Lawyers Trust Fund of Illinois.

Arab Ancestry Persons in Illinois - Fall 2004

This report is a profile of persons with Arab and Middle-Eastern ancestry in the state of Illinois. Funded by the Illinois Department of Human Services. The report compares various Arab Ancestry groups along lines of social and economic characteristics.

Illinois Welfare Office Profiles - Fall 2004

This publication consists of two pages of data for each local welfare office in Illinois. Statistics include numbers of persons receiving particular welfare programs, and data on local poverty rates

Immigrants and Racial Groups in Illinois Welfare Programs - Fall 2004

Prepared for the Illinois Department of Human Services, this report analyzes the changing participation of immigrants and racial groups in the welfare programs managed by the state of Illinois.

Latino Demographic Change in Metro Chicago - December 2004

Authored by Rob Paral, Timothy Ready, Sung Chen and Wei Sun for the Institute for Latino Studies at Notre Dame University.

A Profile of Southwest Side Neighborhoods in Chicago - May 2004

This report profiles Chicago Lawn, Gage Park, West Elsdon and West Lawn: areas served by the Southwest Organizing Project.

The Polish Community in Metro Chicago - October 2004

Polish Americans are almost one in ten residents of metro Chicago. One third of Polish immigrants to the United States live in the Chicago area. This report discusses the contributions and public policy needs of these populations. The report was prepared for the Polish American Association, the nation's largest Polish social service agency.

Chicago-Area Demographic and Epidemiological Profiles - Spring 2003

Prepared for the Jewish Federation of Metropolitan Chicago. This is a chartbook of data on demographics, poverty, disability and vital statistics for Chicago community areas, selected Chicago-area suburbs and larger cities in downstate Illinois.

Poverty and Disability in Illinois - August 2003

Completed for the Jewish Federation of Metropolitan Chicago, this is a study of how health status and poverty and disability rates vary by race, ethnicity and geography in the metropolitan Chicago region.

Metro Chicago Immigration Fact Book - 2003

A profile of immigrants and immigration in metropolitan Chicago.

Chicago's Immigrants Break Old Patterns - 2003

A September 1, 2003 article appearing in Migration Information Source. The article is based on the principal findings of the Metro Chicago Immigration Fact Book. The fact book provided detailed analysis of the metropolitan Chicago immigrant population. Published by the Institute for Metropolitan Affairs of Roosevelt University in Chicago.

Poster of Immigrant Populations in Metro Chicago - 2003

Chicago-Area Demographic and Epidemiological Profiles - Spring 2003

Created for the Jewish Federation of Metropolitan Chicago, this is a chartbook with demographic, poverty, disability and vital statistics for Chicago community areas and suburban and downstate Illinois places.

Reports on Illinois Poverty

These are a series of reports produced in the 2000-2003 period by the Illinois Poverty Summit project of the Heartland Alliance for Human Needs and Human Rights. Rob Paral provided data, data analysis and some writing to these reports.


Survey on Arts Education in Chicago Public Schools - 2003

Rob Paral provided data analysis assistance to this report on the type and nature of arts education in the Chicago Public Schools.

Bordering the Mainstream: A Needs Assessment of Latinos in Berwyn and Cicero, Illinois - 2002

(Final report written principally by Rob Paral)

Prepared for the Notre Dame University Institute for Latino Studies, this report describes the contributions and public policy needs of the fast-growing Latino population in Cicero and Berwyn, Illinois.

Policy Implications of Immigrant Workers and Entrepreneurs in Illinois - 2002

Prepared for the Illinois Immigrant Policy Project.

State of Illinois Spending on Services to the Elderly - 2001

Completed for the Illinois Coalition on Aging, this report compiles and analyzes state government expenditures on services to elderly persons.

A Profile of Immigrants in the Illinois Workforce - 2001

by James Lewis and Rob Paral

Analyzes the role of immigrants in the Illinois workforce, with particular emphasis on European, Asian and Mexican populations.

Citizenship 2000: Illinois Immigrants and Naturalization Needs - 2001

Presents a variety of information related to the continuing demand for citizenship services by immigrants in Illinois.

Suburban Immigrant Communities: Assessments of Key Characteristics and Needs - August 2000

This report was commissioned by the Fund for Immigrants and Refugees, and it provided demographic data and maps as well as findings from focus groups and interviews on the experiences, needs and contributions of immigrant living in the Chicago-area suburbs.

Illinois Families First: The Case for Investing in Illinois Families - 2000

Produced for United Power and the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Workers, this report addresses key needs of Illinois families, children and the elderly, and discusses the need for state investment in human services.

Immigrants and Illinois Welfare: In Most Programs, Immigrant Caseload Declines Outpace Those of Natives - 1999

Written for the Illinois Department of Human Services, and published by the Sargent Shriver National Center on Poverty Law, this report uses state welfare caseload data to show that immigrants have lost access to most major state safety net programs at a faster rate than the native born.

"Shrinking Welfare Caseloads of Illinois Immigrants" in Research Perspectives on Migration vol. 3, no. 1, published by the Migration Policy Institute and The Urban Institute

Article discusses welfare use by Illinois immigrants, highlighting trends in TANF, Medicaid and KidCare, and examines factors limiting immigrant access to medical services.

Regional Rental Market Analysis - 1999

This is a detailed analysis of trends and issues related to the rental housing market in Chicago, including demographic issues, vacancy rates, affordability and numerous public policy issues affecting access to affordable rental housing in the Chicago region. Funded in part by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, the report was prepared for the Metropolitan Chicago Planning Council by the University of Illinois at Chicago and The Urban Institute. Rob Paral provided management services to the project and contributed some writing and analysis to the final report.