Health and Disability Publications

The following are a list of publications pertaining to Health and Disability issues compiled by Rob Paral and Associates:

Undocumented Immigrants and Access to Health Care in Illinois – 2015

Assessment of Behavioral Health Needs in Northern Lake County – June 2012

Prepared for the Lake County Health Department.

Healthcare Access Assessment of Northern Lake County – June 2012

Prepared for the Healthcare Foundation of Northern Lake County.

Community Memorial Foundation Needs Assessment – May 2012

This micro site contains a variety of information on the 29 communities served by the Community Memorial Foundation.

Health Insurance Coverage by State Legislative District – Dec 2009

----->For a Senate map of immigrant coverage click here and for a House map click here.

Profile of the Uninsured Population in the Service Areas of the Community Memorial Foundation – Feb 2009

This is a profile of people without health insurance in the area serviced by the Community Memorial Foundation.  A map of their service area can be found here. An explanation of the methodology can be found here. A summary of the findings can be found here.  Additional data can be found here.

Uninsured Older Adults, Age 50-64, in Illinois State Legislative Districts - December 2008

Often, older adults - especially if they are low income - have very
limited access to public or private health insurance. To raise awareness of this vulnerable, uninsured population in Illinois, Health & Disability Advocates (HDA) and Rob Paral and Associates have developed estimates of uninsured older adults in Illinois by state legislative districts.

Uninsured Persons in Illinois State Legislative Districts - June 2007

These are estimates of persons without health insurance within each state legislative district in Illinois. Prepared for Health and Disability Advocates, United Power, and the Heartland Alliance.

Uninsured and Employed Persons in Illinois State Legislative Districts - June 2007

This report finds that a majority of uninsured persons in Illinois are working.

Uninsured Women in Illinois - May 2007

This is a profile of uninsured women in Illinois prepared with Health and Disability Advocates for the Chicago Foundation for Women.

Medicare Consumer Profile - March 2005

Prepared for Health and Disability Advocates with staff of that agency, this report describes the Illinois populations eligible for the new Medicare Part D drug benefit.

of Illinois Spending on Services to the Elderly - 2001

Completed for the Illinois Coalition on Aging, this report compiles and analyzes state government expenditures on services to elderly persons.

Illinois Families First: The Case for Investing in Illinois Families - 2000

Produced for United Power and the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Workers, this report addresses key needs of Illinois families, children and the elderly, and discusses the need for state investment in human services.

Immigrants and Illinois Welfare: In Most Programs, Immigrant Caseload Declines Outpace Those of Natives - 1999

Written for the Illinois Department of Human Services, and published by the Sargent Shriver National Center on Poverty Law, this report uses state welfare caseload data to show that immigrants have lost access to most major state safety net programs at a faster rate than the native born.

"Shrinking Welfare Caseloads of Illinois Immigrants" in Research Perspectives on Migration vol. 3, no. 1, published by the Migration Policy Institute and The Urban Institute

Article discusses welfare use by Illinois immigrants, highlighting trends in TANF, Medicaid and KidCare, and examines factors limiting immigrant access to medical services.